Market Entry Strategy

There is no proven tested best way for everybody for a market entry strategy online. It can be matter of opinion. What is best for someone, may not be suitable for others.

The very best way is, without any doubt, having your very own product or service. More the benefits derived from it, more the demand and more the profits. This is really the ideal way. But coming up with an idea to fill a need in a market is a challenge in time and resources. And when it’s all done, it still can be risky.

Unless one is passionate about  a market and resources are no problem,  then the challenge can be worthwhile. But for the average person who wants a shortcut to a profitable experience online, there is  a better way.

Promote affiliate products

What is true, is that most everyone who achieved success on the internet started promoting other people’s products. It’s the world of affiliate marketing. You earn a commission on a product or service you recommend.

You can learn as you earn and the choice is the safest, especially for a novice. Here are the main reasons:

– No product creation, research, development with time and cost associated with them.

– Very low start-up cost and just a computer with internet connection needed.

– you are your own boss. Work anywhere. No schedule to follow.

– Wide choice of markets.

– Expert training  and marketing aids almost always made available by companies.

– No inventory, no employees, no paperwork.

– No payment processing, no product handling, no customer care, no refunds.

The beauyty of the matter is that with affiliate marketing, you can even handle several different affiliate programs at the same time with a simple way to manage them all easily.

There are very successful people who do nothing else but affiliate marketing. It is true that the sky is the limit when you have your own product. That is what you would want. But just keep in mind the brief list above. Not that you should feel discouraged. But, if you don’t feel ready and comfortable yet, why not have a good look at the possibilities offered by affiliate marketing. The risk is practically non existent and it can be a very satisfying and  profitable experience. It certainly is a good market entry strategy.

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