Marketing Strategy Planning

You define on how you are going to proceed, with a marketing strategy planning.
It all starts with the creation of your business, then what naturally follows are the objectives you want to achieve.

To have a successful plan, we must assume that at the beginning when the business model chosen met with the right requisites.

Then careful consideration has to be taken when making final decision to follow a marketing plan, as it may be that you’ll have to stick to it for some time, at least you to give it a chance to determine whether it was a good choice. It’s understandable that adjustment may be necessary according to changing circumstances, but the main body of the plan must not be changed.

A good way in planning the marketing plan, is to  put yourself in your customers shoes. This will give you a good starting point. Here are some points to help you out on this:

– What segment of the market is my product intended for?
– How can I make my product more attractive than my competitors?
– What kind of advertising will best suit?
– Is my product going to fill a need in the market?
– Is my product a good value for the price?
– Marketing mix (product price promotion place) is balanced?

As you can see these considerations and more have to be thoroughly examined, so to keep the risk at the minimum or to have a good shot at early success. It certainly may be difficult to attain a 100% optimum on all points, still a satisfactory above average has to be achieved for a confident outlook.

The heart of the marketing planning, I am sure everyone will agree,  rests on the advertising strategy. Without going into the past, it is true (to some extent) that with the right method, one could sell ice to the eskimos. It is a fact that many, if not most of the sales  made are based on emotions appeal. Not that the product is necessarily bad, just that it all starts with that feeling, before we consider everything else. If this concept is difficult to grasp, here is a reality. You know that many people buy a car solely for the looks of it?

Of course, you want to keep a reputation in the market and want to sell products in which you have faith yourself. That is good, because positioning in the marketplace with all the befits derived is what you should aim for in your marketing strategy planning.

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