Best Marketing Strategy

What is the best marketing strategy?  That’s a good question, but with different answers. It all depends to whom you are asking. It can be condensed this way: “what is good for one, may not be good or suitable for someone else”.  One consideration that applies here is that my reader is not of unlimited resources.

Yet there is and must be an answer, because business requires it in order to proceed,  you must come up with a plan, even though it may be a short term one.  If you stay still. the world doesn’t stop and wait for you. So “don’t do it right, just keep it going”.

You may agree,  like somebody said that “in the middle rests the virtue”.  And I think both of the above mentioned situation cab be equally applied, but without abuse.

Anyway,  the answer I got, when coming up with the critical question has been that one should do what he/she is more comfortable with. The very best is of course a mix of marketing strategies.

There are two kind of marketing advertising: free (requires your time, paid (requires your money. According to your budget, consider some paid advertising, but definitely take the time to do some free too. Test what you do and if it’s working, keep doing it. The best is to start with proven methods, experimenting can come later.

I am tempted here to list the marketing strategies according to the more successful or recommended in order, but that can be a matter of how the medium is applied. I can say that video marketing is probably the most complete form of marketing. Here you have the visual effect and the audio. And  the vision sense is without any doubt the most stimulating. Although you should be knowledgeable and be comfortable with mastering a medium at a time if you intend to diversify.  Below I  list some of the different marketing mediums.

Article marketing – probably the best type of free advertising. It takes a while to get results, so you have to be consistent.

Ezines – Online publications. Very effective strategy with solo ads because subscribers are highly targeted interested in your market. Of course be careful to have a good match of  the publication.
PPC – Google Adwords – Fastest advertising method. Must be careful as it can also be fastest way to lose money.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization. The Internet is for information. So most of the traffic will come from searches. That is why a choice of words (keywords) is important. So to make search engines like Gooogle find you easily.

 Video/YouTube – highly effective medium and can be an fast traffic generator.

Social Sites –  Most popular: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linkedin. Just keep in mind that they are social sites, not business sites. So don’t blatantly peddling a product, or you will turn people off.

Forums –  An online meeting and discussion site for people with the same interest. Here you  To find a forum on a topic, just do a search and add “forum” after the keyword. here you can ask questions, find answers and when engaging in a conversation(thread). you can discreetly leave your business card (your website address).

Notably absents in my list are Traffic Exchanges and Safelists. In my opinion, they are a waste of time. People doing that are just looking after themselves. They are just clicking away for credits and they never read the thousands of emails they receive. They may be some rare exceptions, I can concede.

So now it’s time to choose the best marketing strategy for your particular situation.

Gianfranco Focarelli, for experience aware of unrealistic promises, always looking to
identify the easiest and simplest method to successful internet marketing. Please visit
his blog at: and find proven marketing strategies and tactics.

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